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24 hours CCTV Monitoring


Topshield Security Services provides CCTV monitoring services, with a regional workforce of highly trained and fully SIA licensed Operators engaged on contracts designed to ensure the protection of city centres, shopping malls and high risk premises that are particularly vulnerable during the silent hours. In addition, our 24hr control Centre is operational every hour of the day, every day of the year, manned by a team of highly experienced Controllers fully trained to respond to alarms and deal with incidents.


The need for 24-hour ongoing surveillance has never been greater. Certain items are too valuable to be left unwatched, without a deterrent against crime. With a 24-hour surveillance system in place, anyone looking to commit a crime will instantly be deterred from doing so. CCTV security systems are the perfect way to protect against problems.


Crime and theft is always a problem and consideration. Whether you run a large office building and need to ensure employee safety, or run a retail store and need to guard against internal cash register theft, CCTV surveillance will help you put a stop to the crime. Thieves and criminals are much less likely to commit crimes when they know they will be caught on camera. There is no evidence more powerful than video of a criminal caught in the act. CCTV surveillance equipment and systems will deter even the most brazen criminals.
Topshield Security's operators/Supervisors can call the Control Centre staff for assistance or advice at any time during the day or night and, more importantly, every Operator makes routine check calls to the Control Centre. If one of these calls is not made, or is made under duress, strict procedures are in place to facilitate swift emergency action.


High-tech cctv monitoring panel Topshield Security's operators/Supervisors High-Tech CCTV Monitoring

Topshield Security Services provides CCTV monitoring services, with a regional workforce of highly trained and fully SIA licensed Operators SIA Licensed Operator CCTV Monitoring


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Door supervisors


Highly trained, SIA Standards, BS7499 and BS7858, Licensed Security Staff for your private security needs

(Bouncers) and business support staff in the industry. We believe that staff welfare and maintaining high levels of retention are vital to a successful operation.


With a highly trained, fully licensed team of security professionals, we provide innovative integrated security solutions to industry, commerce and public sector organizations nationwide.


Topshield security officer undergoes a full 5 year screening to BS7858 before commencing operational duties. In addition, we maintain an experienced team of reserve security officers and door supervisors to provide cover in an emergency and also to assist in new contracts where it is essential to have experience and stability from the outset.


When you engage a Security Service to guard your premises overnight or to protect your staff at their work or for any of the multitude of services that the security industry offers, you need to be able to feel confident that any Security Guard or Security Officer sent to you is completely honest, reliable and highly competent. Every Security Guard we employ, and every Security door supervisor, has been the subject of rigorous background checks, our systems comply with British Industry Standards, BS7499 and BS7858, and is individually SIA Licensed by the Security Industry Authority. Security guard's and door supervisor's Integrity, reliability, and competence are all assured before deployment to a site. At Topshield Security we provide a comprehensive spectrum of Manned Security Services as well as local Quality Management. From one man guarding, to a multi-manned security team, Guard Security strives to exceed our customer's expectations. The Service that we provide with door supervisors is based on continuous assessment and improvement.


Topshield Security Services UK Ltd supply Licensed Security Guards, door supervisors, mobile patrol security guards and close protection body guards of high caliber to any site anywhere in London, Greater London and, We can arrange a security service at a very short notice, enable us to provide consistency of high standard security service throughout the greater London area. The same exacting standards apply to every Security Guard we employ.

To enquire about Security Guards for your premises or event or any aspect of Site Security and door supervisors, contact TOPSHIELD SECURITY


Security Guards for your premises or event or any aspect of Site Security and door supervisors Door Supervisors