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Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Cleaning Services:

Topshield Facilities Management provides a high quality, professional cleaning service to a diverse range of customer environments, from prestigious offices to manufacturing sites. The cleaning service, which utilises the latest in cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly products, is tailored to meet each customer's requirements and standards.

  • General office cleaning services
  • Production environment cleaning
  • Mobile cleaning solutions
  • High-level cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Specialist cleaning
  • 24/7 response team solutions
  • We utilise technology to manage and monitor our service delivery including the personnel on individual sites, coordinated by centralised 24/7 help desk.


General office cleaning, environment, Mobile cleaning solutions, Commercial window cleaning, School, University, Collage



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Our People


Our people are selected for their initiative and can-do attitude. They are encouraged to identify and report faults and issues on site, not only those related to cleaning, but covering all aspects of facilities management, particularly those that might affect the health and safety of anyone using the building. Our training programmes cover the practical aspects of the role including the use of chemical products and the environmental impact of certain processes. Our personal development plans allow individuals to broaden their skills so that roles can be enhanced and diversified.

Environmental Policy


Non-hazardous products are used in all of our cleaning processes. Our people are given clear guidelines on waste disposal and the accredited products that minimise environmental impact. Recommendations are given to our customers on recycling and for processes that can reduce environmental impact.

Health & Safety


Ensuring the Health and Safety of our customers and our people is of paramount importance for cleaning services. Each new recruit is partnered by an experienced person to ensure that safe working practices and hazard procedures are understood.

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For more information on how our cleaning and hygiene services can support your organisation please contact TOPSHIELD SECURITY.

Please give us a call on: 01923 442 937